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Digital Age Institute provides TOSHIBA laptops for its students. We ensure that the quality of the equipment, materials, instructors, even furniture - is on international level. Otherwise we can't expect students to excel with us. Handover of well deserved diploma
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Digital Age Unique Floor plan - Design by David Svarrer/Mwangi Gathinji, December 2006
Unique and Professional Interior design

Back in November 2003, when the directors of our then mother corporate SCR Group A/S of Denmark made the final decisions to open Outsourcing for Export purposes in Kenya, we agreed to ensure that the initial capacity building would be second to none, and that we would not spare any reasonable means to ensure that the internal environment was absolutely in top. As can be seen by the pictures here below, most of the interior design is unique, and fact is, that it is fostered inspired by the Italian sense of visionary lines, the Danish sense of interior visibility and transparency, studies in educational facilities and how to maximise throughput in those, and not the least - a Kenyan Architech, Mr. Mwangi Gathinji, who is educated in America, and after his masters now is continuing Architectural Ph.D studies with Yale University. This architect deserves a lot of the credo, as he demonstrated ability to listen, understand, and intermediate and seek the necessary compromises with his own, personal interpretation of the sometimes contradictive requirements for the facilities. As a curiousum it should be mentioned, that one of our local Kenyan entrepreneurs claimed, after having gone through the plans, that he could put this facility up in 3 weeks, and thus he was given the main enterprise to carry out. Time showed, that even after 3 months, he had not yet finished. He gave up, and it took further 2 months to finish it to the state of the art it is, today.

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